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The internet continues to empower customers and consumers around the world with information that is redefining market share and competitiveness for organizations. At eBiz Global, we help clients continually innovate, improve quality and squeeze costs out using our CAD/CAM/CAE Services. We have developed and refined sound methods for creating intelligent data for CAD systems, including 3D solid modeling, Reverse Engineering, Rapid prototyping, and Analysis. Our Data Transition and Collaborative Engineering services support the rapid transition to new digital engineering CAD systems.

Top management has strong CAD/CAM project experience

Domain Expertise : Automobile, Heavy Engineering, Manufacturing-General, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Tool and Die design, Foundry and Agri Tech

The group has a team of professionals with extensive experience in design to manufacturing to handle the most demanding customer requirements

The team consists of parametric based modeling experts, engineers with foundation in research and development, tool design, instrumentation control, CNC programming, Finite Element Analysis, Product data management etc.,

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